Tommee Tippee

Global website re-design

How we stirred the souls of mums around the world, around the clock

Our global website re-design aligned with Tommee Tippee’s new brand strategy: Parent On.

Tommee Tippee is an award-winning baby brand. Unlike other brands in this space, they don’t lecture parents on the right or the wrong way to care for your baby – they support them. We wanted to create a site that instantly felt different.


Our site wouldn’t sell, sell, sell baby products or lecture new parents with patronising advice. Instead we wanted this to be somewhere new parents felt totally comfortable and supported.


Every part of the UX was designed with new parents in mind. Blurry eyes after only a couple of hours sleep every day. One arm permanently out of action, filled with that little bundle. And even the loneliness you can feel throughout the day, and of course the night.

The results?

  • 10% uplift of organic traffic in first 6 months
  • 25,000+ visits to the Parent Diaries pages
  • 20% increase of content sharing
  • 25% increase in dwell time
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