Rise of the Tomb Raider

How we stirred the souls of gamers, by letting them play God

Big video games, like movies, traditionally launch with a big outdoor presence.


It’s become the battleground for big game launches. Yet most outdoor ads are glanced at for just 8 seconds.


So, to launch the grittiest Tomb Raider game yet, we decided to use gaming channels such as Twitch and IGN to create an interactive experience that would appeal to a gaming way of thinking and responding. We turned an advertising channel into an entertainment channel. And put gamers in control of the communication.


Survival Billboard in central London was the stage on which 8 gamers stood in a test of Lara Croft-like grit, endurance and strength. The prize? A trip inspired by the game.

The contestants, who made up the billboard headline, faced blizzards, downpours, harsh wind and intense heat – all controlled digitally by the public via a live stream.


The results?

  • 1000 weather votes per hour
  • 8 minutes average dwell time
  • 3.5 million views
  • 90+ awards
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