Relationship is our middle name

Figuratively and literally. It’s at the centre of everything we do — reimagining how people and businesses connect in truly meaningful ways. 

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We creatively engineer Total Human Experiences

We develop lasting and valuable relationships through understanding, designing and developing the complete experience that audiences have with a brand; we call it Total Human Experiences. 

Built around people, and aligned to both human and business goals, we think holistically around the opportunities to connect and enhance relationships. We co-ordinate the various specialisms required to activate the Total Human Experiences (THX) that live at the intersection of strategy, technology, and creativity, all underpinned by data. 

MRM Total Human Experience (THX) graphic - Technology, Strategy, Creativity MRM Total Human Experience (THX) graphic - Technology, Strategy, Creativity MRM Total Human Experience (THX) graphic - Technology, Strategy, Creativity

Data mining for data meaning

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Mining for an integrated view

Data integration is all about structure. We keep data fragmentation in check day to day to ensure that security, functionality and validity are optimised for a perfectly unified view.

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Uncovering the truth

Our best-in-class advanced, predictive and linguistic analytics capability is cleverly focused to make the most out of your data.

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Creating mutual meaning

We deliver optimised and personalised experiences by connecting people, data and intelligence — in real time — right at the meaningful moment of interaction.

And we make it meaningful with some great partners

There’s strategy. And then there’s relationship strategy.

We believe that there’s a real and enlightening human truth inside strategy. You might call it a truth to meaning. In fact, that’s exactly what we call our strategic operating system Truth2Meaning. It’s our way of using data and cultural insights to investigate the “6C’s” (that’s them, right over there). The Core Truth we discover is the centre of gravity that helps us unlock new ways of looking at opportunities and solutions. 

Understanding the relationship between humans and technology

We build human experiences using data, content and commerce, underpinned by our knowledge of cutting-edge tech tools and next-level consulting. This is something we’re continuously honing to provide clients and customers with amazing experiences across all channels – a few that haven’t even been invented yet. 

Meet some of our fellow tech nerds (and it takes one to know one):

Innovation, at your service

We believe businesses thrive when they have a DNA of invention, and continually seek to drive change that creates value in people’s lives. LAB13 is a specialty team devoted to inventing, architecting and prototyping new, sustainable growth opportunities that help create a competitive advantage for our clients. 

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It’s been a big four years for LAB13: