We value a culture in which all people are treated with dignity, respect and fairness

At MRM, we’re committed to fostering a positive environment free from harassment and discrimination. We empower individuals to take action and be creative when solving problems. And we expect self-awareness and accountability from team members at all levels of the organisation. This is much more than a statement - it’s in the act of living our daily lives.

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DE&I Initiatives

A Day for Meaning

Each year, agencies across the global MRM network take a step back from day-to-day business to focus on accelerating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives, behaviors and actions. While this important event takes place for just one day on the calendar, the vital insights and practices learned carry on throughout the entire year and impact every aspect of our operations. It’s an effort we’re continuously committed to as we create a globally integrated community.

A day for meaning A day for meaning A day for meaning

Purple Paths

MRM has created Purple Paths on the Spark learning platform to expand knowledge of our disciplines, business and relevant DE&I efforts. These informative resources serve as a thought-provoking study for employees who want to grow professionally by learning about topics that impact our operations.

Performance Coaching

Available to all employees at any level, we offer MRM employees an opportunity to set future goals and develop important skills to build a roadmap for professional success.

Work that reflects our commitment to DE&I

What are personal pronouns and why do they matter?

You are important to us. Which is why personal pronouns are important to us. It’s a small gesture that shows big respect and helps to create a more inclusive environment.

Studies have shown that using a person’s pronoun correctly can raise self-esteem and reduce the effects of social oppression, while using the wrong pronoun can have a more negative impact. So, bottom line: It’s OK (and often more respectful) to ask.

Here are a few associations that you might find helpful.

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