Understanding the new relationship between neighbours and abuse victims

No More Logo - #listeningfromhome
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Suddenly the world was in lockdown. And suddenly millions of women around the world were now trapped with their violent abusers, 24 hours a day. No space to call for help. No. Way. Out. While we were being told to ‘Stay Home. Stay Safe’, reported domestic violence deaths in the UK doubled. In two weeks. 

Together with our client NOMORE, we had to do something. We realised we were in a moment in time when we could activate the nation – millions of us who were suddenly working from home could now be #listeningfromhome. Using social, outdoor, and film.

No More Logo - #listeningfromhome

During the pandemic there were so many new phrases and words added to our everyday. This new ‘covid language’ was something we could latch onto. And in a meaningful, not cheap, way. 

As domestic violence numbers soared, so did the use of social media. And this is where we launched. Within 4 days we had created our social campaign and launched it through our own social channels. 

We then wrote a script and had treatments back from directors in two days. The film was produced in the UK and finished in 10 days. This was at the very start of the UK’s Covid nightmare with full lockdown measures in place, so our director directed remotely over facetime with the DoP shooting from his car with his flatmates as the talent. Everything was captured in one long, dramatic shot.