The Miscarriage Association

Cards of Acknowledgement

Understanding the relationship between words and baby loss

Miscarriage Association, cards of acknowledgement
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Around 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage. It’s a horrible and intensely lonely experience. Friends and family often can’t find the right words. Or worse, they can’t find any at all. This activity was all about acknowledgment – for a brief life lost, and for the Miscarriage Association itself. 

We chose an indirect direct route. We created a set of beautiful, simple cards. Each headline was passed through a panel of women who’ve been there. The typography is the handwriting of people who’ve been there. And inside every card are the details of the Miscarriage Association. Putting help into the hands of women, at the exact time they need it.

Women often feel like this important life event, however brief, has gone unnoticed and will be forgotten. The Miscarriage Association also has an acknowledgement issue yet is here to offer support and advice to those going through this tough time. We needed to get miscarriage acknowledged as an important life event. Get the Miscarriage Association more widely acknowledged. Give those words of acknowledgment to those who can’t find them. Make women and partners feel like that albeit brief life has been acknowledged. And get help to women at the exact time they need it. 

We found an amazing but shocking insight. There is one place where all life’s important events are recognised on a shelf including Birth, Driving Test and even Divorce, except Miscarriage and that was in card shops. 

Visits to the Miscarriage Association website doubled overnight. And we put help into the hands of women at the exact time they needed it. 

These cards are now available nationwide with one of the UK’s leading card retailer, Card Factory. They have also been featured in the Science Museum’s reproduction curation.