Tommee Tippee


Understanding the relationship between boobs, babies and bottles

An image with baby, boob and bottle that says 'The most breast-like nipple, ever'
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Parents can feed their babies however they want, but as everyone knows ‘breast is best’. Fine for the 34% who breastfeed without problem, but immeasurably painful for the rest. Could Tommee Tippee ease the pain felt by so many at the implication they’ve not done the best for their child?

We were asked to create a campaign that would make parents see this bottle as the best alternative to breast feeding to launch this signature product in the States. So we started with the bottles which had won awards they were that amazing and recommended by 97% of mums. Why? Because they mimic the flex, feel and movement of mum’s breast so well that acceptance is guaranteed. They are basically boobs. 

We knew we needed to be brainy, bold and booby. Thus nipplevision was born, a campaign that made bottles boobier. They were no longer the best baby bottles ever but the boobiest bottles ever. 


An image with baby, boob and bottle that says 'The most breast-like nipple, ever'

Tommee Tippee knows not to tell parents what to do. Because 80% of expectant mothers over 30 feel they don’t need their product because they believe breast is best. So, entering the debate on breast vs bottle was a no-go. Our strategy wasn’t about changing the conversation but joining it. Re-positioning our brand and their flagship product (the bottle) as the closest thing to breast feeding. 

We had a specific audience and knew where to find them. 44% of women increase social media use upon falling pregnant. If you’re the first of your friend group to have a baby or face a seemingly unique dilemma, this number increases. So, we knew this campaign had to live on social. The thing is these newly pregnant mums although excited, are easily overwhelmed on social media. So we couldn’t wade in on the breast vs bottle debate. Or lecture new parents with patronising advice. Rather than pitch bottle against breast we wanted to champion both equally without judgement. A bold approach for a baby bottle brand. 

Our social videos got a combined 250,475 views with a whopping 99.4% of people watching the films all the way through. The campaign drove over 6 million impressions (in the UK, USA and Cyprus) – Tommee Tippee’s biggest reach ever.

We also achieved a click-through rate of 3.51%, more than double the previous campaign and 6 times more than industry benchmarks – driving 88,000 visits to the website in one month alone.