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MRM creates real-time data-led holiday experience with Real Vibe-Vent calendar.

December 2022
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MRM UK, a leading world class digital experience agency, have developed the ‘Real Vibe-Vent’ a digital advent calendar that explores the country’s real-time relationship with the festive season throughout December.

The calendar will share the country’s festive vibe of the day, fed by various data sets – cultural insights, weather, location, social listening – to serve funny and relevant content to match the mood of the nation. Users are also invited to toggle their own feelings toward the holidays to adapt their content.

So, when the changing data demands, visitors will be served personalised content, including from key agency clients – making shopping easier at John Lewis, providing options to escape the Christmas chaos with easyJet, a route to the closest Subway or decking out your Microsoft Teams backgrounds.

Starting 1st December, users can discover the daily vibes of the nation at throughout the holiday season. MRM have even produced their own playful “12 Days of Christmas” rendition to launch the advent calendar.

“There’s something really special about the relationship each of us have with the holidays. It’s not all naughty or all nice. When we looked at the data from previous years, we realised the relationship with the festive season evolves over time, it goes up and down and it goes sideways, we wanted to make sure we capture all of that at a macro level.” Ioana Filip, Chief Creative Officer.

“MRM recognise that everyone has a different relationship with Christmas and that this relationship changes during the month – you can go from love to hate in a split second – especially with the country’s changing economic climate. This light-hearted experience is designed to spread some clever Christmas cheer with a nod to our great clients as well. So whether you love or hate or don’t celebrate it, this is for you,” added Rikke Wichmann-Bruun, Managing Director.

Originally published by Little Black Book.