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MRM joins Contentstack Catalyst Program to take customers to MACH speed

July 2022
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As of today, global service provider MRM is set to join the Contentstack Catalysts program.

Reimagining how people and businesses connect in truly meaningful ways requires technology that allows for agility and flexibility. Contentstack and MRM team up to provide organizations with solutions that enable new ways to connect and engage their customers across all channels, web and beyond. As organizations are adopting MACH technology as a foundation for digital transformation, MRM can guide them through that journey and deliver upon the promise of building meaningful relationships.

Contentstack Catalysts advance the use of a microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native SaaS, headless (MACH) architecture, bringing award-winning technology, best practices, and a proven methodology for delivering exceptional digital omnichannel engagement. Matching this technical innovation, Contentstack recently expanded its Care Without Compromise™ program to Catalysts in order to provide joint customers the highest level of post-purchase support, creating the first cross-vendor support program in the industry.

Throughout 2021, the Catalysts ecosystem grew nearly 100%, while booked revenue more than doubled in the latter half of FY 2022 alone. Across the Contentstack Catalysts ecosystem, there are now over 500 trained and certified individuals, acting as a global network of experts with deep knowledge of Contentstack and related MACH technologies and solutions.

Bart Dirksen, Partner Manager EMEA, Contentstack said: “We are thrilled to welcome MRM Worldwide to our Catalyst program. Composable architectures and MACH technology allow for agility, flexibility, and faster time-to-market. Contentstack combined with the next-level consulting services of MRM will enable amazing customer engagement capabilities for customers worldwide.”

Kaustav Bhattacharya, Head of Technology at MRM UK said: “We seek out the very best partnerships that deliver high-performance digital experiences for our global clients, that’s why we’re partnering with Contentstack. We’re partnering with Contentstack for its ease of use for content editors and its highly developer-friendly, API-first offering that enables us to deliver best-of-breed solutions to our clients, which drives conversion and revenue. This allows us to continue to be genuinely customer-first in our approach to channels and comms, delivering effectively against our ideas.”