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Head of Agency of the Year (Customer Engagement) 2021: Nicky Bullard

The Gold winner in this Campaign Agency of the Year Awards category is Nicky Bullard, Chairwoman and Chief Creative Officer, MRM.

February 2022
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In 2021, Nicky Bullard embraced the agency’s philosophy of ‘doing the right thing’, applying this to all aspects of the business: to its people, training, new business and existing clients and the working day.

She cemented MRM’s strong business performance, with the agency bringing in a significant number of new clients in 2021 and retaining all its existing ones. The introduction of the ‘Fix and Flex’ policy for recruitment enables freelancers to try out a range of roles at the agency, recognising that people want to try new things and that freelancing can be a more appealing way to work post-Covid. A new working guide called the 4C model – Connect, Collaborate, Create, Concentrate was introduced, to help staff decide when to work in the office and when they will be more productive at home.

Training was also taken to a new level, with self-learning options and workshops available in commercial skills, project management, creativity, personal impact and leadership skills, with 75% of the agency accessing training. Recognising the importance of mental health and wellbeing, MRM introduced training for 10 new Mental Health First Aiders.

Bullard’s other achievements across 2021 included being named MRM Europe’s first chair. Judges praised her strong leadership and impressive results and said she demonstrated great passion for the industry.

Originally published by Campaign