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Pregnancy Loss Cards from MRM Picked Up by UK’S Leading Card Retailer

The Miscarriage Association and Card Factory have teamed up to launch Sympathy card’s nationwide that acknowledge the sadness of miscarriage.

June 2021
Card with message - There is no good card for this. I'm so sorry for the loss of your baby.
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Around one in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage. It’s a horrible and intensely lonely experience. Friends and family often can’t find the right words. Or worse, they can’t find any at all.

MRM found an amazing but shocking insight. There is one place where all life’s important events are acknowledged. Except one. And that place is card shops.

The morning after Mother’s Day in 2020 the first ‘Cards of Acknowledgement’ were launched by MRM and Postmark with the ambition that these cards should be seen in every card shop in the country. And now, one year later, the Card Factory will be selling them online and in its 1000 stores.

This card displays the message: “There is no good card for this. I’m so sorry for the loss of your baby”, in the handwriting of someone who has been through miscarriage herself.

Importantly, the cards also help raise awareness of the Miscarriage Association with details of the organisation’s free support and information services on the reverse of each card, putting help into the hands of women at the exact time they need it.

Angie O’Reilly, who has had two miscarriages, said: “I think the miscarriage sympathy cards are a wonderful idea, and I know I would have appreciated this when I had my losses.

“It’s fantastic that it’s being introduced into a high street retailer too. Sending a card is such an easy thing to do, but it is a gesture that is so valued by the recipient, especially when it’s hard for people to find the right words.”

“As well as helping people find the words to say to loved ones experiencing pregnancy loss, this campaign was always designed to get as much help into the hands of people going through this intensely painful experience at the exact time they needed it. Now that the Card Factory is stocking the cards in their stores up and down the country, we can reach so many more ” said Nicky Bullard chairwoman of MRM Europe and chief creative officer, MRM UK.

Originally published by Little Black Book